The #MeToo movement in Bollywood brought many prominent names under the scanner for their sexual misconduct and one name amongst them was of filmmaker Subhash Ghai. Model-actress Kate Sharma had him of sexual misconduct and she had filed a complaint at the Versova police station.

According to the latest report in Pinkvilla, the police have found no substance in the allegations made by her against the director. The closure report reportedly stated that the complainant with the intention of breaking into the film industry took advantage of the birthday photographs taken at the office of Subhash Ghai and uploaded them on her Facebook account and made the same available to Tehlka a YouTube channel claiming incorrectly that she was being launched in Subhash Ghai’s next film ‘Aitraz 2’.

Subhash Ghai was reportedly upset over this fake news and stopped communicating with Kate Sharma and Yogesh Sardana which upset the complainant and hence made allegations against Subhash Ghai. Later, Kate gave the reason of her mother’s illness and withdrew her complaint stating that she had no further complaints. Since no substance was found in the allegations made by the complainant the matter has been closed.


After the actress-model accused the director of sexual misconduct, he had taken to his Twitter handle to issue a clarification on the same. He wrote, 'I am a great supporter of the Me Too movement and women empowerment but hope that those taking undue advantage of the movement do not end up diluting it for their own short time fame. I feel grief if someone is trying to harm my reputation. Anyway, my lawyers will take care of the matter.'

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