Kodi Ramakrishna - Avatharam artwork


Kodi Ramakrishna

Genre: Drama

Price: ₹ 290

Rental Price: ₹ 120

Release Date: 18 April 2014

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The Akkamma Goddess (Bhanu Priya) resides on eight hills, all her powers are guarded by an evil called 'Gharula Kota Shakthulu'. A group of four sisters have grown up worshipping Akkamma Goddess and ardent followers, resort to protect the village. As the sisters help the goddess to get out of trouble, Akkamma accepts them as her sisters and all the five start protecting the village. To free Akkamma from the evil, anyone who is born in 'Simha Rasi' is needed to sacrifice. A lady named Rajeshwari (Radhika) prays to these sisters. A dreaded monster, Karkotakudu (Sathya Prakash) lands on earth with evil motive to destroy the planet, not knowing that he will have to face Rajeshwari who is born in 'Simha Rashi' and defend the eight hills with the blessings from the sisters, forms the crux of the story.

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