Richie Mehta - Amal artwork


Richie Mehta

Genre: Bollywood

Price: ₹ 190

Rental Price: ₹ 120

Release Date: 08 August 2008

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Amal is an emotionally evocative story about an auto-rickshaw driver in New Delhi (Amal) who is content with his small, but vital role in life. One day he drives an eccentric billionaire (G.K. Jayaram) who, disguised as a vagabond, is searching the streets for the last morsel of humanity and someone he can leave all his money to, and Amal’s life may change forever. Amal serves up a visual feast for audiences. Filmed on location in New Delhi, India, this modern day fable asks the important question of what success means to each individual and ultimately reveals to audiences that the poorest of men are sometimes the richest..

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