Well-known actor Suvrat Joshi who’s making news for being in relationship with actress Sakhee Gokhale has also confessed his love for her. Suvrat, who has been a student of drama school, is a well-versed thespian. Not just that, the actor has also aced in his career in television and a few other films. Having ticked marked these respective fields; the gifted actor will soon be debuting with singing in the film Dokyala Shot. However, the singing isn’t going to be in Marathi, but Tamil. Talking about his singing debut, he says, “I started my career with plays where I used to do acrobatics with a lot of wires attached to my body and would dance to 13 Bollywood songs. So, I like to keep challenging myself. When I got this offer to sing a Tamil song for the film Dokyala Shot, I was game. During my NSD days, I attended music classes, so I have my basics right. Before recording the song, I memorised the lyrics and the meaning so that if the sur or taal goes wrong, atleast the dialouges will remain correct. (taaki sur taal galat bhi ho toh dialogues correct hone chahiye.)” This strategy works, informed Suvrat.